The Importance of Proper Medical Supplies

3 Reasons To Conduct 16s rRNA Sequencing

Research plays an important role in helping healthcare providers improve the way they treat their patients. One of the emerging tools in medical research is 16s rRNA sequencing.

This unique process can help researchers understand bacterial colonies in order to improve medications and other treatment techniques used to prevent infection. Your lab can benefit from the introduction of this type of sequencing when you choose to invest in specialized sequencing kits.

1. Identify Specific Bacteria

One of the first steps in treating any bacterial infection is identifying the type of bacteria present. Antibacterial medications don't necessarily fall into a one-size-fits-all category. Some bacteria have become immune to certain medications. A 16s rRNA sequencing kit can help you identify the unique taxonomic classifications of any bacteria present in a sample collected from a sick patient.

The information provided by sequencing can give you better insight into the most effective way to treat your patient in the future.

2. Discover New Pathogens

Although 16s rRNA sequencing kits are designed specifically to help identify and classify various types of bacteria, these kits can be useful in identifying new pathogens that you may not have considered in the past.

The genetic code of any organism within a sample can be sorted and sequenced with a sequencing kit. Anomalies within the sequence output can alert you to the presence of a novel pathogen. Having the ability to correctly identify new pathogens will prevent you from wasting valuable time treating the wrong type of pathogen in your clients.

3. Evaluate Bacteria Colonies

It is rare for a sample collected from a patient to contain only one type of bacteria. Multiple varieties of bacteria and pathogens coexist on a microbiological level. The interaction between these various strains can influence the health and wellbeing of your patient.

A 16s rRNA sequencing kit allows you to complete a comprehensive survey of any sample. An unexpected increase or decline in certain bacteria populations can help you better identify the medical problem plaguing your patient.

These metagenomic surveys can help you create a more effective treatment plan for your sick patients in the future.

Science and research significantly contribute to the process of identifying and treating disease. Having the right tools to conduct routine scientific testing is integral to the success of modern medicine.

Consider using 16s sequencing kits to help you determine how to treat a patient's illness over time. 

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The Importance of Proper Medical Supplies

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