The Importance of Proper Medical Supplies

5 Different Types Of Wheelchair Ramps

If you or a family member is in a wheelchair, you will want to ensure smooth mobility. There are various types of wheelchair ramps you can invest in based on your needs.

1. Threshold Ramps

Threshold ramps are usually smaller ramps that are made out of either metal or rubber. They are generally not that high and have a slight incline. They are designed to be placed against a door threshold or curb and turn that area into a space that your wheelchair can easily navigate over. Generally, you will need to place a threshold ramp on both the inside and outside of the doorway; with curbs, you may only need to place a ramp on one side of the curve. A threshold allows for small obstacles to become easy to navigate.

2. Folding Ramp

Another type of ramp is a folding ramp. There are bi-fold and tri-fold ramps. These types of ramps do not have any rails on them and are designed for personal usage. Many people use folding ramps as a way to get in and out of a wheelchair-accessible van, or they lay them over short sets of stairs leading into or in a home to make them possible to navigate. A folding ramp is designed to be portable.

3. Suitcase Ramp

A suitcase ramp is specifically designed for portability, as it folds up and has handles to make it easy to transport. The length can vary for a suitcase ramp, but it is designed to be laid on top of small sets of stairs. Once again, this is a type of ramp that is for personal usage and not commercial usage. A suitcase ramp is often used to get in and out of homes with stairs leading up to them.

4. Telescoping Ramp

A telescoping ramp has two separate channels that are designed to be extended and retracted as needed to reach the desired height. They are designed to be placed next to one another and allow the wheels on both sides of the wheelchair to run up and down the ramp. These types of ramps are often used on wheelchair-accessible vans.

5. Modular Ramp

A modular ramp is designed to be more of a permanent structure and can often be used in both personal and commercial applications. A modular ramp is portable to a degree, as it can be taken down and reassembled. At the same time, it is designed with handrails and made from aluminum so that it doesn't rust or warp. It can be used to add a wheelchair ramp to a home or business.

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The Importance of Proper Medical Supplies

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